social justice goals

  • Perma Red confronts the serious epidemic of missing and murdered Native women in the Americas.

  • All women above-the-line on the crew and 50%+ Native American.

  • The series mentors Native American youth in the film industry to continue telling their stories through the medium of film as a career.

  • Protagonist is a Native American Woman and there a numerous supporting characters that are Native women.  

  • Accurate portrayal of  content Séliš, Ql̓ispé, history and culture.  Rarely are Native women depicted in leading roles or hired as directors in film production.

  • Low overall shooting budget and filmed in Montana, with internationally acclaimed crew and Native filmmakers, including casting director Rene Haynes (The Revenant and Twilight films).

  • The film will contain Séliš, Ql̓ispé dialogue.  As of 2018 the Séliš,Ql̓ispé language has reached the  “critically endangered” status among Indigenous languages in the US.

  • Perma Red is targeted to reach audiences in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America and Europe. The international market is calling for this type of female lead and the accurate portrayal of indigenous women in the Americas addressing social justice issues.

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